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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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believe this will provide thirty units within a family oriented neighborhood. we feel the 4 story height is appropriate for a transit corridor as well. the b.a. both plan gave the site 5 feet in height. it's a pretty minimal height increase. and that height has been added to the ground floor to provide the kind of commercial space speaker in the not a mid block parcel it is a corner location. because the corner will allow the project to breathe. and the park is located to the northwest of the site the
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building steps do you think there's a podium and a backyard. the sponsor will continue to work with the dependent on the design and specifically for wrapping the details on the secondarily facade. this concludes my prevention i'm available for any questions >> project sponsor please. >> good afternoon i'm ginnie and i'm the project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners david. i'm working with her who was owned and operated the gas station on this site. the site with within the balboa
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planning program. the plan was enacted in 2009 and includes all the ocean avenue commercial neighborhood districts where the gas station is located and balboa park and college >> would be the primary objectives to improve the neighborhood. that will make a good contribution. the project will provide retail services, contribute to the vitality of the district. the additional units is a major component of plan. it is quite unique in this all the units are designed for
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families with children. there are 3 bedroom units. foot traffic along the ocean will be significantly enhanced. the nearby foods building which is 3 showers of use and the al lesson building at 1100 ocean avenue and another example of recent construction of four story buildings. both of those projects have been successful and have contributed to the improvement of the neighborhood district. crime has been reduced and it's more friendly and secure. mr. smith noted corner locations in the neighborhood districts
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are exactly where the retail should be sited. it would be difficult to find a best site for family units. it's fully consistent that the planning policies regarding neighborhood commercial districts. thank you for your consideration. i want to turn this over to the architect for the design >> thank you. >> president fong and commissioners i'm the architect on the project. this is a unique transformation i think for ocean avenue the new balboa park increased the height and densities and created for
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friendly sfaes. the context of the site is somewhat eclectic. i'm sorry. i'm just showing a few pictures for context. that's the project here that's the westward park >> we can't hear you. >> i'm sorry that's the westward park neighbor i'm sorry. this is the pile on people are talking about right there. and you can see that westward park neighborhood has a lot of bungalow type homes and a lot of characters why the bungalow
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buildings are here. we presented to the westward park neighbors and they said they liked the project because of the bungalows. those are other context buildings on the site - i mean on the site. the project we wanted to maintain and get tones for the project. we have the offer hangs and we take off the bays at the top to give a size of the debt. the context again is of taller buildings and other types of buildings that are smaller. we did have a historical
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consultant who did a phase two historical study and he looked this with a adaptability with the project on ocean avenue and deemed this was compatible with the neighborhood district. this is the relationship of the building and how it steps back to the residential neighborhood next to us. we do have support of all the neighbors on well - most of the neighbors - on the corners but if this is our site we do have the commercial neighbor support and the residential neighbor sport and across the street we have residential neighbors so we do have a list of 70 names of
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support on this project. the westward park neighbors we suggested they work with a color consultant to make it more compatible. robert came on board and this is his color scheme and i think you know, i like the earth tones and the yellow might be a little bit too much for the neighborhood but the warm colors are more compatible. just - anyway those are the list of 17 names. in addition to that this is tim kelly kelly's certaining the neighborhood and when he talks about the potential ocean avenue
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is comprised of small buildings, however, the boundary includes the inclusion of many other as non-contribut non-contributors.
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up to public comment. (calling names) >> your name has been called you can come up to the podium. >> any of the people who have been called already can come up to the podium and make their comments. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is ann china i'm a member of the westward
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association. i'm submitting a package and a copy of the view of the project design. retention of our historical site and garage conditions. this will not address the feelings of others but as a member of the westward park ask you that you take this unique project into account. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm kathleen and i'm a thirty year resident. i'm here today to commit on 3
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lemons of the proposed ocean project the design the pillars and the design site. we appreciate they took the time to look around the neighborhood and try to incorporate many of the elements of our neighborhood. we're happy for that. we're grateful that they will keep the mrir and it was designed by a 19 golden gate museum. however, we feel the need to express our concerns about the residential project. as it's present the proposed 4
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story building would sit at the entrance of the park. on the opposite park entrance corner as you can see from the photos there's a laundromat. if i look at behind that there is the relationship to the home. now you if you can see hope it
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preserve the aesthetics of our neighborhood that make up our great city. thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners president fong and commissioners and staff. sound like i'm a thirty year plus resident and homeowner on
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merry march avenue. i support the project although we're going to miss the gas station. but it is providing n some badly needed housing. i i know with respect to the balboa plan was working with that plan was our association. but the homeowners groups that becauses the entrance in the concern portion of the neighborhood because we're the
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which doesn't say have a character aspect to it. i have copies. there's mentioned about signatures the vice president of our homeowner association did some research we have about 15 homeowners the balance may or may not be effected they were able to get folks inform come into the gas station did sign it. i thank you for the time
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>> thank you. >> iology think granada avenue kitty corner from the proposed site. i want to expand on this. but there are several real concerns about this project. i think it's awesome to have this on the corn. we talked about height. when we say we have families and most of the buildings around the proposed site have people who live at home all day long and maybe their elderly or live mostly at home.
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the building is going to block the light and that's a real certain for us are i don't know what can be done to mitigate that but that's a real issue for us. secondarily it's a very vulnerable population. there would be like for assurance so mitigate the toxins that are likely to be raised on that site per overall we want have the - it will effect the community and while i live it that way we want more assurances. that commercial space proposed we want to make sure it will not take up the whole block.
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but a shop of this size is going to be hired by large chain operations that are counter to the character and the benefit of the community. we really need the small shops not giant chain stores. that's the chief of that and i thank you for your time >> president fong and commissioners. mime mark >> i'm a resident of the westward homeowners association. i did not know that the gas station or the plans - those plans were underway until the walk by the gas station that this meeting was planned. this was my 1 awareness avenue
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what's going on. my basic feeling is that the westward park homeowners association and our architectural guidelines basically should expend from flying mouth avenue and keep everything within one or two stories. buildings have been burning down. and the density while from some people from the city and the transit authorities may consider the density for the neighborhood my feeling is
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>> commissioners. i'm a resident and a business
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owner own two property part of westward property. so-called westward association. those people i don't know where they come from. i've been running a business for more than 20 years. this project has increased our business significantly. i own a property right across the street from the gas station. i'd rather see some neighborhood business where maybe an ice creme shop or maybe a small bookstore that where parents are waiting for car - kids to come
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out. i really hope that you approve the project because slowly we're moving that way either in this corner. none of the apartment building i think on the old bus turn around >> so i don't think you know that this commission should be just maybe overlook thirty this project and say this is too big or too small. about the height by looking at the building itself the way they drew out yeah. maybe it looks big but if you stand back and look at all the other ones you look at the apartment buildings
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and a couple of down the block and across the street i think this is where it's heading. you know, it's a matter of time ocean avenue is finally opened the door. now people what walk around the street you guys approve the project. thank you >> thank you any additional public comment on this item? >> i'm a business owner those ocean avenue. i believe this project will go to great lengths this advance this community. my family has owned the properties here 50 years. i know the area very well, and
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it's suffered for many, many decades of being under developed. this will give ocean off avenue to bring more commercial vitality area to ocean avenue. i think you should approve this project >> thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> commissioners my name is gilbert and i'm a reserved transportation planner and a resident of the organization m i neighborhood for over 40 years. i've worked with a non-housing corporation into trying to raise housing in san francisco. this project will further improve neighborhood housing.
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it's keeping our neighborhood in fact. i was running a lot late coming here and i stopped by a coffee shop and she says well gilbert we're out of brand muffins today. we know each other and will continue to shop. ocean avenue has had a struggle all the time. it's been one of the issues it's faced over the years not only today. i've worked on those projects. and the project further supports transit which the balboa plan is, in fact, and the balancing - cal listen stops directly in front of project. so they can come downtown and it opens up the whole region of
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transit to the resident of this project. number 54 is another transit line within two blocks. it's a location that's surround by education institutions. i live out there and i encourage my kids to go to school driver's license but they decided dad we're going to some other place and dad you're going to pay for the tuition. i understand a bag is supporting a design in which people can walk. and in my professional career i walked a lot. there was no senior services
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there important all the services people need are within walking distances of this facility. and someone mentioned housing. well, the avalon project was much bigger. i remember when we built a facility down there was commercial on the ground floor. and with the commercial on the ground floor it makes it possible for people to stay within the neighborhood. this project has 3 bedroom units. people in san francisco when they have more than 2 children they have to leave. this project will support those people who want to remain in san
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francisco that have families >> afternoon. i'm frank. i lived in westward park over 35 years and i own 2 buildings. one of them is as at all as the one proposed. it takes up a quarter of a block and it's been through over 70 years. i see no hesitancy that's going to benefit the block. we have a whole foods that is 4 stories and a new this that's going to be over 4 stories. that's my building there. it's a very large building. we have the juxtaposition of those buildings